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black tigers in brief

its appeared in 1939 years ago in jaban in protected called tanjawa , in 1945 the last black tiger in the earth was died out then the people  had forgetten it ,in 1998 it started to appear again with the man called : ibraheem fathy in the middle east ,in 2007 he started with his group to establishment of this organization and called it black tigers.

the member of organization

ibraheem fathy  ahmed mohammed  
 khaled mohammed ahmed omrallah ghaleb 
 gamal mahmoud  badr abdalgawad 
 osammah nour qornyibraheem hamdy kamel 
 ibraheem shaban badr mohammed saif 
 ahmed awad rady ahmed abdallah  
 saleh alsamalousyelsayed al-lahamy 

our objectives

we are hope to be the coming danger for all over the world  & to appeare in all over the world that if you escape to any where you can find us their !!! 

please take care yourself ! 

contact us

tel : 01009249033