black tigers only in the world

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member in brief

tiger one : ibraheem fathy

he is the most tiger that people love him because he has more idea for their nation who live it , he live in wardan village in giza , egypt the main triangle in middle east he writes more articles about nations and history and enviroment ,he want to chang the world alls , with other tiger in his group can do any thing that destroyed bad plan made by the other and get it to good people , in finally i`d have to thanks my friends tigers for helping me and helped them to acheive our goals and says for people in all over the world to becarful from us that we can kill you in any time any where. with my best wishes

tiger two : ahmed omrallah

he is the wright arm for ibraheem and the other half for think of hima that he live in menya egypt he live with ibraheem at helwn universitu after that in heart of every body with ibraheem he can do any thing that thought it without restrict or proplem he met ibraheem at the first at helwan university and recognized him more and more by the time the first once he met him they used to visit altahrir sity at the cairo of egypt to see what the nation want to be the best and take more idea to solve his proplem and try to do it in finally iwant to say to other " don`t worry we will be the best for ever and nothing can stopped us to acheive our goals. with my best love